I collaborate with various web design and development studios.

I can take part of the creation process in any of its phases, from the design proposal to the layout, both frontend and backend.


  • Planning

  • We define all necessary aspects of the website to make the customer idea something real.

    We value all the hypothesis, feature set, data, functionalities, customers, end-users, access, etc.

    In all the process and in every step, we are trying to anticipate any need it can appear in future steps, to find out the best solution in a short time. We do this independently of who will carry out any of the next steps. Furthermore, in some cases this allow us to see the whole project as something else and take new paths ending in very satisfying success.

  • Wireframes

  • We sketch, outline the entire flow of navigation, content and structure of the website to plan the next subsequent design and implementation steps.

    We consider:

    • Responsive and fluid design for mobile devices.
    • To create an intuitive (UI) and engaging (UX) user experience.
    • Trying to obtain the best results optimizing all available resources to the maximum; economic, technological, creative, etc.

  • Design

  • We define the overall look and feel of the website in a single layout proposal. We provide all the graphical elements (assets) needed in the correct format, size and resolution; SVG, Sprites, PNG, JPEG, etc. to speed up the implementation in an optimal time.

    We consider:

    • Color palette, fonts, animations, etc.
    • Responsive and fluid design for mobile devices.
    • To create an intuitive (UI) and engaging (UX) user experience.

  • Frontend

  • We code all frontend needs for your website considering the framework to be implemented; WordPress, Joomla, CakePHP, Bootstrap, Laravel, Symfony, etc.

    WordPress CakePHP Joomla Bootstrap Laravel Symfony
    HTML5 CSS3 SASS JavaScript jQuery SVG

    We consider:

    • Correct HTML semantics, code (HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.) clear, neat, clean, scalable and optimized for SEO getting the optimal loading time and easy implementation.
    • Browser compatibility.
    • Website works at a technical level and visually.

  • Backend

  • We can implement the frontend to a custom CMS backend for your website.


    We are also specialized in the WordPress CMS backend implementation.

  • Maintenance and support

  • We offer a maintenance service and personalized support of your website for a bonus of hours or a fixed monthly price.

    It includes:

    • Activation and registration in existing webs analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools).
    • Monthly report of the monitoring tools and web analytics implemented.
    • Proposals for improvement in the website based on the results of the web analysis and goals.

Companies I have collaborated