Escola Decroly de Barcelona

Web development project and custom CMS – content management system for elementary school in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Home with contents on real MDF boards

When you move the mouse over any element in the homepage it appears a box with extra info.

Home item detail

Blog section is built on a rolled paper on the same floor, same tiles they have at school .

Blog post in which they explain how the web was made: Com hem fet aquesta web (How we did this website)

Post explaining how school children themselves update daily the contents of the “web”: El nou càrrec de web (The new role for “web”)

Team of creators: Clarissa, Enric, Daniel and Merche, thank you for generously putting your talent and good work to the service of your children’s school -Rita and Lara Batievsky, Claudia Gatell, Pablo and Miguel Loewe and Bruna Segarra- They deserve also to be mentioned in this letter because they have surely been the engine that prompted you to participate in this project.

Congratulations for your work.

Board of Trustees of Escola Decroly de Barcelona

Download full thank you letter (PDF in Spanish)