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Web project development and CMS – WordPress – for the Biomimetics Sciences Institute in Barcelona.

  • Date: 1/10/2017
  • Design, coding, CMS and consultant: Enric Gatell
  • Languages: Catalan / Spanish / English
  • Html5 – CSS3 / SEO / Responsive Design

The most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions to many of the human problems were solved millions of years ago.Biomimetics


Beyond his solid technical competence, the contribution of Qbreis to the project has been based on a great empathy with the vision and the communicative needs of the Institute.

It is very comforting to feel accompanied at all times and see how some of the problems that you can find have already been anticipated or they are solved in an extremely short time.

For us Qbreis is clearly a symbiotic partner.

Jordi Carrasco
Comunicació – Hèlix3C

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Més enllà de la seva sòlida competència tècnica, l’aportació de Qbreis al projecte s’ha basat en una gran empatia amb la visió i les necessitats comunicatives de l’Institut.

És molt reconfortant sentir-se acompanyat en tot moment i veure com molts dels problemes que et pots trobar ja han estat anticipats o bé se’ls hi dóna una solució en un temps extraordinàriament breu.

Per a nosaltres Qbreis és clarament un partner simbiòtic.

Jordi Carrasco
Comunicació – Hèlix3C

What is biomimetics?

Biomimetics is a new language that allows us to ask nature. The most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions to many of the human problems were created billions of years ago. Inspired by the strategies and successful models developed by life in its eagerness to be alive, we will discover an inexhaustible potential to face complexity from the utmost simplicity.

Where there’s life, there’s intelligence

Nature has millions of years of advantage to humans in developing the best solutions to millions of problems. That’s why it is much more useful to take advantage of all this potential than trying to overcome it.Biomimetics is the transdisciplinary science that allows us to inspire ourselves in natural models and strategies to build a truly sustainable future.

The Biomimetics Sciences Institute promotes a vision of nature as a guide and mentor for the construction of a future based on sustainable progress, according to three basic principles:

  • Work to improve the quality of life of people with respect for other living beings.
  • Promote a new generation of research from nature.
  • Facilitate and accredit the design and development of biomimetic inspired ideas and projects.

The biomimetic inspiration in creative processes and innovative projects, as well as providing a clear added value, highlights the commitment of companies and entities to sustainability by incorporating into their actions a perspective that takes into account the complex interrelations that occur between natural, economic and social ecosystems.

The Institute watches, in this sense, for the quality and coherence of these projects, providing advice to products, developments and research projects that meet these criteria.

Our values

The principles of governance that inspire the Institute make a bioinspired model visible, based on the maintenance of the harmony of a system in which all parties maintain a high level of interdependence. Their values, as a result, correspond to this model:

  • Be aware that, essentially, we are nature
  • Generate consistent links between ecosystems
  • Respect natural balances in our activities
  • Full opening in our activities and relationships